So good... favorite is at the 0:35 mark.    

AeroPress Love

Shawn Blanc details why the AeroPress is the coffee brewing system he utilizes most often.

The AeroPress has become this sort of cult classic, popular geeky way to brew coffee. Everyone with a Twitter account recommends it.

While I do not have a cupboard full of coffee making contraptions, the combination of my Bodum burr grinder and the AeroPress have become my go to method for making a great cup.

Inside the company that rebuilt Digg

Informative post on Vox about Betaworks. I really like the new Digg and use it when looking for something interesting to read. I was never an original Digg user, but I was familiar with Betaworks due to it's acquisition of Instapaper (which it has done a great job with).