Android 30|30 - DoggCatcher & Presto Sound Library

Android 30|30 is a new series on Tech & Coffee that aims to highlight 30 awesomely useful Android apps in just 30 days. Just click the app name in the heading below to be taken to the Android Market.

DoggCatcher Podcast Player by DoggCatcher and Presto Sound Library by Aocate, Inc.

This post covers two apps that not only both handle audio files, but do so in such a complimentary fashion that it can only be accurately described as a marriage. Podcasts are a wonderful way to consume content. I became a podcast fanatic when I started a new career that required a long daily commute. I love music, but over time, that 2+ hours per day on the interstate started to feel like a wasted opportunity. I desired to utilize that time to enrich my mind in a way that music was just not satisfying. That void was filled by podcasts.

I started off using an iPod Touch to listen to podcasts. I would sync podcasts via iTunes each night, occasionally forgetting to sync and needing to pull over at a Starbucks to download a new episode. I enjoyed the player on the iPod Touch because it allowed me to increase the speed of the playback without the voices sounding like Alvin and The Chipmunks host This Week in Tech. When I got my Nexus One, I wanted to move to using a single device vs. carrying both a BlackBerry and an iPod. I searched the Android Market and found several options, but after comparing the feature list, I chose DoggCatcher and shortly thereafter also downloaded Presto Sound Library.

DoggCatcher has too many features to list, so I will simply describe what my my life has been like with these apps. I no longer have to remember to sync my device, because every night at 10pm (configurable, of course) DoggCatcher starts up, checks all of my always growing list of feeds for updates and proceeds to download them. I get into my car in the morning, open the app, and all the newest content is ready for listening. Presto is what I will call the silent assassin. It isn't an app that gets launched very often, because it's value lies in what it can do for OTHER apps. The developer of DoggCatcher made the very smart decision to integrate Presto support. Presto's function is simple; it provides the awesome feature I mentioned earlier of being able to increase the playback speed of the audio with pitch correction to have it still sound clear and understandable.

If you are into podcasts, or just want to listen to some content that will expand your horizons a bit, definitely check out these two great examples of why having the power of choice on the Android platform is more powerful than most people realize.