Android 30|30 - EasyRSS

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EasyRSS by Sun Zheng

If you are a Google Reader user, you know how hard it is to find exactly what you're looking for in the way of a mobile client for Android. I have tried many (Official Google Reader app, d7, Feedly, Pulse, etc.) over the years, but each one left me wanting something close, yet slightly different. I enjoy a Pulse-like experience on a tablet, however, on my phone I am really a fan of text and lists. My wish list for the ideal phone Google Reader app was as follows:

  • Syncs with Google Reader automatically
  • Fast pulling in of new items and navigation
  • Clean UI with a great font
  • Volume Key navigation option
  • Ability to easily share out to other apps (i.e. Plume, G+, etc.)
  • Dark Theme (black background, light text) for reading view

EasyRSS meets all of these with the exception of the last (which I'm hoping a note to the developer can get this on the "coming soon" feature list). The app is gorgeous. I haven't seen a list-style UI this beautiful in an Android RSS app, but it reminds me of how I felt when I first saw the Reeder app on iOS. The interface for sharing and/or starring an article is unobtrusive and useful. I can't really do the app's UI justice, which is why this post includes multiple screenshots. Even the Settings UI is beautiful.

The app is "snappy" in all interfaces I've used and the effect as you scroll vertically through articles, when you have them open in full-screen, has a nice elastic bounce effect. The volume key navigation is perfect as well (has been buggy with other apps I've used). Other than a dark theme option, the only other feature that I'd love to see in future updates would be a browser internal to the app, so that you can go to the full view of the article without leaving the EasyRSS UI. I've seen that implemented in other apps (some great, some not so great), but I think that this developer would do it quite well given the current interfaces. If you love RSS, and you're a Google Reader die hard like myself, please do yourself the favor of giving EasyRSS a try, you won't be disappointed.