Android 30|30 Series - Status Update

The App of Life

As a proud parent of two young boys, and a hard working employee of my "day job", it was already difficult to keep up with a consistent flow of posts... That being said, I was making a good go of it. Unfortunately, the app called "life" decided to Force Close on a family member. As we work to console (ironic that I think of this word in the tech meaning more often than the human act of comforting) one another, I let posting to T&C take a backseat to the things that it should. I'm posting this only because the last entry in the Android 30|30 series actually got the most views of any others based on some awesome cross-promotion on the part of the developer of the app I highlighted. I felt like I got some new eyes, and then almost instantaneously gave them nothing new to read and it deserved some explanation.