Android 30|30 - Textspansion

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Textspansion by 1393 Designs

Most present-day smartphone users tend to treat their phone like an extension of their computer. Copy and paste functionality make crafting documents, long emails or even short messages more efficient on computers. While the major smartphone platforms have added cut/copy/paste functions, they are not as easy to use frequently as their computer analogs. Having to type the same phrases, complicated text entries (i.e. API key) or even something as basic as repetitive typing of the current date as part of creating a document on an Android device doesn't need to be painful. This is where Textspansion swoops in to save the day.

The process is simple. You start by setting up text entries with associated 'short name' values in the Textspansion app. Once you've gotten your initial catalog created, the sky is the limit. While typing in any text entry field, simply long-press the Search key on your device and Textspansion is instantly there with your list of short name values from which to choose. Tap a short name and the stored long entry gets pasted into the field where the text was being entered when you held down the Search key. There are other ways to call Textspansion, if you'd prefer to keep the long-press assigned to another function (Google Voice Actions for example). Another option is to keep a Textspansion shortcut running in the Notification Panel, so that it is only ever a swipe away.

Another great feature of Textspansion is the ability to easily add new entries to your catalog by monitoring your standard copy/paste clipboard on the device. You can even setup the app so that if you copy something to the standard clipboard, and then open Textspansion, the snippet is automatically added to your catalog and you are prompted to set a 'short name' value for it. If you do a lot of text entry on your Android device, or even if you are just looking for a super simple way to create some canned replies for SMS messages you want to respond to quickly, check out Textspansion.