Tim Cook's Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks

As I look around the table at the executive team, arguably, at least in my opinion, we have the best designer in the world, the top silicon expert in the world, the best operational executive in the world, and the best leaders in marketing, software, hardware, and services.

This really speaks to what makes Apple's team special.

Tim goes into a bit more detail on Jony Ive later in the piece:

I don’t think there’s anybody in the world that has a better taste than he does. So I think he’s very special. He’s an original.

When I try to explain to non-Apple customers why I'm willing to pay a premium for their products, I struggle sometimes. I think going forward, the best response is simply, "It is a matter of taste, and Apple's is the best in the world."

Apple's Yerba Buena Decoration Shows Stretched iOS Icons, Possibly Hinting at Taller iPhone 5 - Mac Rumors

However, one eagle eyed MacRumors forum visitor believes the facade show stretched iOS icons. Zaym points out that you can see stretched versions of iOS icons including Game Center, iTunes, Music and App Store in the image and provides an example image.

It's the thought behind detail like this that will always keep Apple multiple steps ahead of the competition.

Instagram Filters as Horoscopes

Extremely clever writing from Marco Kaye and Sloan Schang over at McSweeney's.

Two of my favorites from the post with an example from my own collection:


Inkwell: You’re moody, manipulative, and irritatingly powerful. Your photos tend to be of a lone figure silhouetted by a shaft of sunlight. Shoot a biker on a bridge and many will follow, but hashtag hard. No less than twenty is a good rule of thumb. Your comments will fill up with more hearts than a charm bracelet.


X-pro II: If you have a chance to buy an El Camino, do so.

While I have no clue what filters I've used most often on Instagram (I use whatever makes the photo look how I felt when taking it), these descriptions are hilarious.


Twitter helps me around this issue with a strict character limit. Tumblr creates an environment where visual expression is emphasized and text boxes are very small. Constraints often breed creativity because they force you to improvise — to think differently. But self-restraint is just as important. And harnessed correctly, it can yield far greater results.

I often think of Twitter and Tumblr this same way, however, I rarely edit my own posts with any form of brevity in mind.  Great short read from MG Siegler.