Hindsight: RIM Tweet

In hindsight, no one would waste an arrrow on RIM mid-2012. In fact, they aren't even worthy of being hunted. The tagline should have read "RIM is the stray dog with mange that everyone hopes will venture out into traffic and have a quick and painless death."

RIM hit with $147.2 million patent verdict

Rob Beschizza writing about the $147.2 million patent verdict against RIM:

When people use the term "death spiral", it implies the existence of a useful aerodynamic characteristic influencing the descent. RIM's looks more like a death plunge.

Couldn't agree more.

EDIT: I mistakenly posted this link with the title "They Found More Cancer" vs. the author's title which is now reflected. While the original title fits, it is for a post I plan to write about RIMs "plunge" to purgatory.